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          Home of the XE
          Series Helicopter
          Home of the XE Helicopter Series


          Composite-FX is the manufacturer of the XE Series helicopters, commonly known as the Mosquito, a single seat helicopter – using piston or turbine engines.

          Have Fun
          In the sky!

          With a single seat helicopter

          Personal helicopters with piston and turbine engine options with exceptional power and auto-rotation capabilities.


          β€œThe Mosquito is quick but not skittish, stable in a hover, even in the wind. This little heli flies great. Truly an example of mechanical ingenuity and superb construction.”
          β€” Robert Mason, Author of New York Times Best Seller Chickenhawk

          purchase your own


          Factory finished and kit options

          PURCHASE YOUR OWNHELICOPTER. Factory finished and kit options

          Drive In

          9069 SE CR 319
          Trenton FL 32693, USA

          Fly In

          Air Boss: 123.025 Mhz


          Phone: 1-352-538-1624
          Email: Marketing@Composite-FX.com

          ? 2020 Composite-FX